Physical and mental health are intricately correlated and can make diagnosis and treatment more complex. Dr. Susan Goldsmith & Associates believes it’s essential to find the cause of your pain and use that to help the healing process and improve your mental health. If you’re feeling physically ill because of a mental health condition, have developed a mental health condition or have a family history of distress, Dr. Goldsmith & Associates will guide you to a better understanding of your situation.

Dr. Susan Goldsmith & Associates will work with you to find the resources and strength it takes to improve your health. As an adult, you anticipate an easier life but that’s not always the case. You have children and parents who need you. You may be part of a blended family that isn’t clicking or maybe you’re having problems at work.



By reaching out to Dr. Susan Goldsmith & Associates, you can begin healing from:

• Divorce and separation issues

• Eating disorders

• Loss

• Marriage counseling

• Phobias

• Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD)

• Stress management

• Work/life transition

• Abuse/assault

• Addiction

• Anger

• Anxiety & panic

• Blended family issues

• Chronic pain

• Communication skills

• Victims of Crime

• Depression


Financial Information

Many extended health plans cover some or all of the fees to see a registered psychologist or counselor. Inquiries about coverage can be directed to Dr. Goldsmith’s receptionist. Coverage also is provided through employee assistance plans and victim’s compensation. To determine the amount of coverage, contact your employer or insurance company.

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